Monday, April 1, 2013

Evie's Easter Basket

I figured some of you might be wondering what we did about Evie's Easter basket, since they are usually filled to the brim with candy that is full of genetically modified ingredients. Even if all candy was non-gmo, there is no child in the world who needs that much sugar!

Evie's basket was stuffed with little toys...a light up chick ball, bubble solution, bangle bracelets, a lizard hand puppet that squirts water from his mouth, a stuffed wuzzle, and best of books! Well, new to us. We got dozens of awesome kid books from the thrift store for about $8.

She did have some chocolate. We are lucky enough to have a local business called O'Chocolate that makes an all organic candy bar. I also had bought her Justin's Organic Peanut Butter Cups, but she found them in the diaper bag on Saturday, so she got those early.

Unfortunately many candy bars that claim to be organic still contain non-organic soy lecithin, which is likely to be derived from GMO soy. Remember, packaged foods only have to be 95% organic to legally be allowed to claim "Organic" on the package. That other 5% can still be filled with scary crap, so always read the ingredient labels.

I forgot to take a picture of her Easter loot before she broke into it, but here is the aftermath:

See the chocolate on her mouth and shirt? 

I hope everyone had a great Easter filled with good food and family!

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