Sunday, March 3, 2013

Zuchini Pasta

We have been trying to cut back on our wheat consumption. I will go into reasons in a future blog post, but for now if you want an idea, check out this article.

The problem is that we love pasta and bread and all things wheat. So we've been trying to find alternatives. There is a spiral pasta made from organic corn and quinoa at the local health food store that is pretty good, but still quite processed.

Before cooking

Since we have also been trying to increase our veggie intake, we decided to try cutting zucchini and squash into very fine strips and using them like noodles. I have one of those Vidalia Chop Wizards that were popular a few years ago, and we just ran the raw vegetables through the small dicing chopper and dropped them in boiling water for a few minutes until tender. Dumped a jar of organic pasta sauce on that stuff and ate it up. We were surprised at how well it turned out. It tastes better than it looks! It would have been excellent with some organic cheese melted on top. Next time we will definitely add that.

Piping hot! Yum.

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