Monday, February 11, 2013

Virus Found in GMO Crops

If you haven't started making a serious effort to avoid genetically modified crops, this should be your wake up call. See my previous post on GMO's for a thorough explanation, but for now, you can start by throwing out anything in your kitchen that has non-organic soy, corn, or canola listed as an ingredient.

Check out the first video to learn about the virus gene scientists recently found in GMO crops which may not be safe for human consumption. Here is a link to an article which provides more in-depth information if you want to do more research after you watch the video about the virus.

Below the short virus clip, I have posted the entire documentary "Genetic Roulette." It's the one I keep telling everyone is free to watch for a week at a time....for some reason the whole thing is now up on Youtube. Take an hour and a half to watch it. Remember, this documentary was made BEFORE the virus gene was discovered, so it doesn't even contain that information. It's time to wake up. It's time to give a damn. I will walk you through the grocery store and help you do this. Please, please wake up.

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